Certain issues of gas supply to Moldova to be considered by experts - Kremlin


Russian and Moldovan presidents, Vladimir Putin and Igor Dodon, focused on gas supply to Moldova at their talks in the Kremlin on Saturday, and the sides will continue negotiation at the level of experts, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

When asked to comment on Dodon’s words that an agreement had been reached on the gas price reduction for Moldova, Peskov said, "The talks with Dodon did touch upon the gas issue. In general, the suggested parameters are appropriate. Some final issues are to be negotiated at the level of experts."

Moldovan President Igor Dodon wrote on Facebook on Saturday after his meeting with Putin in Moscow that he had reached an agreement with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to cut the gas price for his country. He wrote in particular that it could be possible to announce that tariffs for end consumers would not rise. As early as October 1, the price of Russian gas for Moldova would go down, Dodon noted.

Moldova’s contract with Russian gas utility Gazprom expires in 2019. Earlier, the Moldovan president told TASS earlier he wanted to negotiate a discount on Russian gas. The previous government, in his words, lowballed gas tariffs and "left an ‘energy bomb’ that may send gas prices [for the population] hiking." Apart from that, Moldova is worried over possible halt of gas supplies via Ukraine.

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